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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hebe's Mother Willing to Donate Skin H.E Upset Not Able to Visit

Hebe's Mother Willing to Donate Skin H.E Upset Not Able to Visit

Source: YAM China Times
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

Hebe's mother Tien Ma treats Selina as if it was hers, on her blog she said: "I'm willing to donate my skin to Xuan Xuan to skin graft, even though my skin is old, but surface area is small and won't be affected." Touching everyone. Hebe, Ella returned eagerly hoping to see her, but her injuries are serious, restricted to only family member visits, appearently the two were upset as they were anxious, HIM says: "The two of them would for sure not sneak in." The company has also set up a "add oil" section for Selina.

When Hebe, Ella were performing in China last night, they specially sang the song "Princess Selina" they composed when Selina injured her leg to give her blessings. SHE is less one were injury, the 2 days ago their performances have been soley done by Hebe, Ella only, next there will be 1 New Years, 2 commercial performancs, 6 adverisements affected, HIM says most of the commercial companies are willing to accept the double pair or wait, but has officially resigned from CTV's "Guess Guess Guess", but producer Zhan Ran Xiong says he will wait until she returns.

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