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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Selina Jen attends her record label's annual dinner

The starlet and artistes from the same company pooled in S$86,000 as lucky draw prizes for the staff members

Record label HIM International held a 20-table annual dinner at a renowned hotel on Jan 10 which was attended by the company's artistes, including S.H.E, Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang and Mike He.

Last year, HIM International threw a low-profile party because Selina sustained burn injuries in an on-set accident and was then on the road to recovery. Most of the money collected was also donated to the Sunshine Foundation to help burn patients.

This year, with Selina's condition stabilising and picking up, HIM International forked out a generous amount of NT$800,000 (S$34,400) to throw a lavish company dinner; the dishes reportedly cost up to NT$25,000 (S$1,000) per table.

The banquet also included a lucky draw segment and the first round of games called the 'started round', saw everyone going home with something that night and 70 lucky staff walked away with a total amount of NT$3 million (S$130,000) cash.

The artistes from HIM International pooled in NT$2 million (S$86,000), while the company's executives took out NT$1 million (S$40,000).

The boss of the company then announced that staff members would receive a four to five-month annual bonus this year.

Furthermore, HIM International will also organise a company trip for its staff, with all expenses paid by the record label.


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