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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ella Chen Admits Her Big Day Is Near

The Taiwanese singer revealed her desire to tie the knot after witnessing fellow band mate Selina Jen's wedding

S.H.E. member Ella Chen and Vic Chou has been busy promoting their new movie Perfect Two.

Hunan Broadcasting System aired a Lunar New Year special the night before, where Vic and Ella appeared as guests. The topics covered include about their recent on-goings, as well as the pair's love life.

Ella, who is currently in love and looking more feminine recently, commented on her recent changes, "I don't know why I tend to look boyish when I have short hair. There was a time when I wasn't working and my hair grew. I was suddenly oozing feminineness."

While the three members of S.H.E are currently pursuing their solo careers at the moment, Ella revealed that they have plans to reunite this year.

The singer let on that band mate Selina Jen's health is improving, although she would still feel blue at times and her emotions are not stable yet.

Ella was also asked about her wedding plans, now that Selina is married. She attempted to evade the question, but after must pressurising from the host, Ella admitted that her big day is drawing near.

She let on that after witnessing Selina's wedding, she realised that she should cherish her happiness more than ever.

On the same episode, Vic, who is usually an introvert, showed another side of himself when he started telling jokes.

However, when asked to comment on his dispute with actor Mark Chao -- the two actors were nominated at the 44th Golden Bell Awards, but Mark won in the end -- Vic replied, "I'll bury this secret inside me for the rest of my life."


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