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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Baobei Ella is getting married!!!!!

Waaaaaaa!!! After all the rumors, she finally confirmed it herself! Ella is getting married! This year! She's tying the knot on May 5! I'm genuinely very happy for her! I'm glad to know that she'll spend the rest of her life with her true love. I hope Alvin does keep his promise of loving and cherishing Ella. And so far, I know he is making her happy because Ella looks so blooming! She looks truly in love!

I'm sure that the of them are very relived to officially confirm that they are in a relationship. No more guessing, they are the real deal.

I know that a lot of fellow CE fans are heartbroken by this news. I've been ready a long time ago for this news. The first time news about Ella and Alvin surfaced, I have prepared myself already. Though CE will always have the best chemistry on and off camera. I have spent a lot of my time rooting for them and I don't regret it because I have met (and lost a few) friends along the way. Hopefully, if there is a next life C&E will end up together. But now, I am happy that Ella has found her true love! :)

PS. I hope this doesn't pressure Hebe from finding her own man. XD I'm sure he'll come, don't worry Hebe!


  1. Im one of this CE fans that have been heart broken.. anyway Im happy for ella.. and Im also happy for chun choosing to live fame to be with his family.. but still hoping that they'll have another drama.. do you know any site that I could contact or maybe request another CE drama.. :) LOLz
    p.s I know Im a little crazy about CE

  2. Umm, nope. I don't know a site that you can contact. Sorry! :/
    Though the chances of them collaborating is even slimmer now. 1) They're from different management and 2) Chun left H.I.M so I don't think H.I.M would let Ella & Chun collaborate 3) it's been 6 years since their collaboration in Hana Kimi sooo yeah. :)

  3. I'm happy for Ella although i'm also heartbroken because i'm one of those die hard Chunella fans, i've been hoping for years now that they would end up together, they really have chemistry on and off cam. I always thought they were perfect for each other. I also hope Chun and Ella would collaborate again. Hana Kimi was such a good show it was really amazing! I wish the best for Ella and Alvin! I hope they'll live a happy life together