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Monday, January 2, 2012

Ella Chen countdowns with boyfriend

The singer performs at a countdown concert in beau’s home country of Malaysia

In recent reports, S.H.E. member Ella Chen had chosen to perform at a countdown concert in Malaysia so that she could spend the holidays with boyfriend Alvin Lai.

Juggling work obligations and relationship, the singer had chosen to perform in Malaysia because it was her beau's home country.

However, this move had stirred unhappiness amongst the public, with some accusing her of making use of her job to satisfy her selfish ends.

Ella and her beau flew to Kuala Lumpur on December 30, where the latter had brought Ella around to tour the city, looking very much like a couple on honeymoon.

Nourished by her beau's love, Ella expressed happily during an interview in Malaysia that because of the warm local weather, she felt great and was anticipating the countdown concert.

While performing on stage yesterday, boyfriend Alvin was also spotted in the audience listening attentively to Ella's performance.

It was said that Ella would be holidaying in Malaysia for a few days.



What's wrong with Ella choosing to perform in Malaysia? I think that's great. She could have chosen not to perform at all but she still did. What is so selfish about that?

I'm just glad that she had a great new year and had fun. :)


  1. yeah .. I'm with you.. what's wrong? ppl never are comfortable with something i guess.. all they love to do is criticize

  2. I'm with you too!!!

  3. I still prefer WuChun than Lai. I guess many of her fans feel the same way too.

  4. come on wuchun is married with a kid!