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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ella Chen and her mother shoot a commercial together

The mother-daughter pair reportedly pocketed a million dollars from their joint advertisement

S.H.E member Ella Chen is not only a singer, but an actress, who recently made a foray into movies apart from idol drama series. Her successful singing and acting career together with her presence in one of Taiwan's most popular girl group helped her bag a number of endorsements.

A few days ago, the singer and her mother shot a commercial for calcium tablets and reportedly received a million dollar paycheck for it.

When Ella and her mother arrived on set that day, they began to play with the dog, which joined them for the shoot.

The 30-year-old singer threw the Frisbee, jumped over hurdles and pointed at the dog, saying, "Mum and I exercise regularly, we're not afraid of you."

Despite it being her mother's first on-screen experience, Ella's mum showed no fear and was a natural on TV. On the other hand, it was the dog that kept getting bad takes, causing Ella to run out of breath.

During the shoot, the director even praised Ella's mother for her performance and even threw in a last-minute scene which required the singer to carry her mother and turn three rounds.

Several crew members were worried that Ella might not be able to do it, but the singer showed off her strength and completed the task with ease.

Ella's mother also acted like a fangirl on-set and kept asking for a photo opportunity with the director Wu Nien Chen.

Ella smiled bitterly and exclaimed, "We're here to shoot a commercial, not take photos of the director."

Commenting on her relationship with her mother, the singer said, "I realised that I inherited my mother's personality as I grew older. My mother's an optimist. We're like a pair of sisters. There is nothing we can't talk about and we like to tease each other. I really love her a lot."


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