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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hebe - Beauty Magazine

credits: 吳嘉樂JALE

Translation by xup @

From right to left

“I wish to be in love, love is a very important part in life. It’ll also help in my singing. [A lot of people around you are getting married. What about you?] My dad don’t wish me to get married, he said, “just find a companion”.”

Editor’s note: Hebe is very logical and mature, but at the same time kiddish. When she is working, she is very decisive on her costumes and performance style, but she’s not rash. Her cool-headedness is used on her work; her zeal is only shown to those close to her. She is just like a slow-brewing nutritious soup. When you spent time to know her, she is somebody who will warm your heart.

From right to left

“Every time I hug and say goodbye to my parents, i’ll treat it as the last”
During the first time when we worked with Hebe, Ella's sister came to visit her. That was the time when we saw the sentimental side of Hebe. She dashed forward and gave Ella's sister a bear hug. “Whenever I said goodbye to my parents and brother now, I’ll always give them a hug, because I didn’t know if it’ll be the last time I'll see them.” She has a deep relationship with her family, “outsiders can never understand the strong ties between us.”

“My parents said to me before, [I’ll give my life for yours]”
Hebe is deeply influenced by her father. “My father showed me how to be a good person through himself. He taught me not to trouble other people, not to take advantage of others, and see things in different perspectives.” Hebe’s father doted on her since young, and once told her “I love you so much that I can give up my life for yours.” This is not a line from a movie, but Hebe family are very open in expressing their love for each other. “When my brother and I message each other, our messages are also full of loving words.”

“Why do I need to say those words that I don’t mean? I’ll feel very horrible”
Want or don’t want, right or wrong, there are no grey areas to Hebe. When the photographer told her to pose sweetly, she rejected the suggestion immediately, “that’s not me, I’ll feel uncomfortable!”. When she encountered situations where she need to say something on stage, “I don’t have anything to say but was forced to cook up something, I'll feel terrible.” When asked about her most unhappy thing, she said, “I don’t wish to share unhappy stuff. When I’ll look back, I'll think that it's just a small matter and blame myself for making a mountain out of a molehill.” Hebe opposed norms, and her rule is to not to do things that will compromise herself.

“I have a strong sense of justice, what’s right is right, what’s wrong is wrong.”
I asked Hebe, “are you someone with a sense of justice?” she doesn’t hesitate in answering, “Yes. In the past when I saw something that was not right, I’ll immediately dash forward to point it out, but now I’ve learnt to be more tactfully to avoid misunderstandings. I’ll perhaps ask, “What is the reason that makes you do this?” ” I think this sentence along with her sharp glance; all the co-workers would perhaps be terrified. She said “if they did nothing wrong, they shouldn’t be afraid.”

Books she’ll recommend
"Le voleur d' Ombres" by Marc Levy.
Recently watched movie?
Real Steel
Your most important beauty regimen?
The director praised your acting in Devil Angel MV
I have complete understanding of the lyrics, that’s why the acting is easy for me. I won’t reject acting in dramas or movies in the future, it’s worth a challenge.
In the past, SHE will have a small celebration after work, now it’s her alone.
Even the way media look at me and the questions they asked are different. Last time it feels like chatting, now they’ll scrutinize and discover my music. But I also learnt more about myself through this.

credits as marked/Baidu Hebe

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