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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ella Exudes Superstar Charisma Even in Her Childhood and Revealed Slender Legs in Swimwear

Translation by shyun_sy @
Source: ChinaYes
Photos: Chen-Ma's Weibo

We are pleasantly surprised to find S.H.E member – Ella’s childhood photos being circulated on Weibo today, and the provider of these photos is none other than Ella’s mother. Ella’s mother has registered on Weibo with the account name “Chen-ma A-Su” for sometime already, and would often update her blog contents to interact with netizens. This also provided an avenue for S.H.E fans to be even closer to their idol’s daily life.

Since last evening at about 9pm, Chen-ma started to post the childhood photos of Ella and her siblings on her blog. In her childhood days, Ella was dolled up by her mother and elder sisters, to play-pretend as beauty pageant queen for one moment, and a little princess in the next moment! When Ella realised her funny and adorable childhood photos were posted online, she could not help but exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! It’s freaky!”

However in her childhood years, Ella is already very gutsy. Many of her photos revealed Ella revealing her slender and beautiful legs in heels and she would even strike many Superstar charismatic poses. It is little wonder many fans chorused, “No wonder Ella is so good at striking poses, it is indeed a natural talent”, “It’s exactly like how Jerry Yan had put it! Ella’s legs are actually very beautiful, just that she does not usually reveal that to others!”

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  1. hao ke ai ^-^
    she was born as a super star.
    LOVE ELLA 4EVER __^^