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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lucky Lucky Magazine (Feb Issue w/ trans)

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Magazine scans credits to kwqvbd4htqq6 @ Baidu Ella


Ella’s Secret Boyfriend
Ella, together with Selina and Hebe formed the group S.H.E and with her outstanding acting ability, she has worked on a few idol dramas. After working with Jerry Yan on the current drama ‘Down with Love’, they have become best friends and Jerry commented that Ella changed him a lot.

After going through many rounds in a singing competition, she was selected together Selina and Hebe to form a girl band called S.H.E., opening her path into showbiz.

From an innocent young girl, she has transformed into an experienced showbiz person and everybody who has worked with her have will say that she is a great person to work with. Ella laughs at the comment and says that she hopes in future, her children will take after her personality, be happy all the time and need not be good in studies.

Acting in Pop Idol Drama
In 2006, together with Fahrenheit’s Wu Chun, they acted in Hana Kimi. At that time, Fahrenheit was just starting off but Ella’s already a big star. But, they worked along well and she did not show off a ‘superstar character’, making Wu Chun appreciating her giving him a good kick start. The chemistry between them makes the drama successful in the whole of South East Asia, shot Wu Chun to stardom and further enhance Ella’s superstardom. Ella immediately become a sought after actress for idol dramas but it was only 3 years later that she took part in Down with Love.

She replied that it was because she loved both acting and singing but acting takes up too much of her time and her family did not really want her to act too much. So she waits for her acting crave to come along and then she will push her company to get her a drama to act in.

She does not act for the money but she loves spending money, especially on her family and loved ones. She used to be interested in branded stuff but not now. She would rather spend on something more practical.

Rocky relationships
Being in the business for more than 8 years, Ella’s an all rounder who can sing and act with spectacular achievements. She will be participating in a movie next year. Although her career is on the rise, her relationships all hit the rocks. From Reaching for the Stars co-star 2moro’s Anthony Guo to Hana Kimi’s Wu Chun, plus Chen Xi, Baron Chen, etc, Ella has denied them all and stressed that they are just friends.

Ella says that life comes in stages, there are people who will walk into your life at one stage and acts like a course you need to take, after completing the course, you move onto the next stage. Things will just come naturally, so she is not worried about it. She is thankful for to the people who have taken part in her life, for good or bad as it adds on more colours to her life. In future, she will be more logical and matured when she handle relationships.

On her Mr Right, she explains that he need not be good looking. When she was younger, she hopes to be with prince charming but now she is only looking for someone who is compatible with her soulfully., Which means I understand him well, he understands me well, need not be to sticky at all times, but have to fully value each other. However, if he ‘cheats/lie’ to me, there will only be one result – break off the relationship.

The ever-busy Ella has little time for relationship and life is too short to think too much. When you meet someone suitable, then will consider, if not, will move on. Last time, she will cause great pressure to her boyfriends both mentally and financially. Then she realized that her attitude towards the relationship is not right asks herself why. Finally, it dawned on her that she only wants to feel to be loved. However, her approach was all wrong as it will scare off the other person.

Hopes to find a good match
Ella explains that she is very ‘horny’ and likes to disturb her co-stars, pulling out their underwear to see which colour they wear, etc. Even with the playfully character, in July 2010, media caught a picture of her entering a luxury bungalow and at that time, whenever she comes back to Taiwan, she will head off to meet the guy and there are also reports that she is thinking of getting married.

As Selina has openly announces her love life, a lot of people are hoping Ella will find herself a good match. Rumours that her ‘secret boyfriend’ is Mr Zhao, whom Selina’s boyfriend introduces them both, have been together for a year.

Even with all these news, Ella’s main priority is still on her ‘sister’ Selina, as she the moment she comes back from US, she rushes off the hospital to see Selina. Ella hopes that Selina will recover soon and it seems that she Is one person who very much appreciate friendship. This is her biggest advantage in showbiz and everybody believes that the friendly, kind and understanding Ella will one day be a bright shining star in entertainment industry.


  1. love ella
    she is the best
    I really wanted to meet her
    she is my number 1 actress .idol....

  2. I...
    love her style
    love her attitude
    love her songs
    love her character
    and most of all
    love HER
    my number one idol!!!

  3. love much for ella hope to see you soon in dramas and movies! and with wu chun