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Saturday, May 22, 2010

SHE in Azio Entertainment

Note: Parts 4 and 5 are CE related ;)

Unofficial translation for the said clips: All credits to mcleen @ CEFC

Patty asked Ella amongst her co stars , who does
she has the most contact with (meaning the one that she oftens contacts and keep in touch) ,Ella said Chun ...huhuhh... . then I read the translation more, Patty asked Ella directly if it's ok for her to marry a Bruneian (something
like that , then Ella can't answer the question coz she was shy I
guess) . huhuhh..I love how direct Patty's questions is ..let's just
hope that we'll get to read the full translation later on ..I just
mentioned the part that I know ..there are more infos that I don't
understand ..huhuh .. ekekee... Patty seems to know something ,
remember just recently when Chun went to her programme , Patty
mentioned Ella's name too while discussing Chun's ideal girl
..huhuh..the one that we've just discussed on the previous page .. kay
Angels .. let's wait for the video and the proper translations
patiently ...

ok ...I really have to add this one ...huhuhuhh... in the programme , Ella also mentioned that Chun is someone who's very considerate and really treats his staff very well, .. huhuhh.. Angels
..I just can't help smiling now ... seriously!! and then Ella mentioned
something about Brunei , she said that in Brunei , people are not
allowed to drink alcohols , then there's one more thing that Ella
mentioned about the way of life in Brunei does she know
all this ehh ? ekeke..well , since she admitted that Chun is the one
that she has contacts the most..huhuhh.. then Hebe interrupted , "oh seems that you've already investigated about that.." ..

huhuh..ok , Angels ..the accuracy of the translation is not guaranteed
100% but I can say that it's almost accurate based on the usual times
I've used this translator ..huhuhh.. well , Ella is full of praises for
Chun , Angels
.... Chun is a very considerate man who has his own business and very
filial and someone who can mix around with Ella's friends circle ...


  1. To my understanding, to help u.
    i think : - Ella mentions that if you bring in Alcohols into Brunei the airport may confiscate or fund (something like that)

  2. sorry i meant "fine" not "fund"
    which means the person will be fined if u bring Alcohol.