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Saturday, May 1, 2010

S.H.E Attacked By A Strange Man During Guangzhou Conference


Translated by: downwithloveella @

Man jumps onto stages: "You've Crossed the line"

Reporter immediately surfed SHE baidu site and have seen a lot of fans discussing over the incident. However, due to lack of solid evidence, many fans are still unsure of the details. Later, I've found a live text record of the conference, at approximately 4:50pm, SHE was about to sign the deal with the brand 哎呀呀. When a man suddenly jumped onto the stage and slapped down the contract SHE was about to sign. He pointed a finger at SHE and said: "You've crossed the line!" The scene was in absolute silence, SHE froze on the spot and the man was dragged down. Conference was interrupted for 20 minutes before continuing.

However, in the record it mentioned that a reporter saw Ella was personally attack, but luckily the staff stopped the man in time, resulting in no injuries. In SHE baidu site, there were fans saying that Selina has also been personally attacked. But there is no proof of both saying.

Manufacturers explains: Someone trying to cause Trouble

As there were media present in the conference, SHE was inevitably asked this question. However SHE did not say much, just expressed that they were frightened, but do not know the reasons: "We have not been
affected, let's not embroil this occurance any further." But in an interview with the representative from the manufacturers, said: "We believe that it is not due to SHE, we suspect that it is related to their previous brand and just wanted to stir up trouble"

The reporter followed up and investigated that prior to signing with 哎呀呀, SHE had previously endorsed a different brand of girl's jewelry. The two brands in the market has always been rivals, and with the
change of SHE's endorsement, it has turned into a war of words. However, the reporter has also noted that SHE fans suspect that it may be due to 哎呀呀's previous spokesperson (Twins) and their fans causing trouble. Before the deadline, reporter has received no public response from the relevant parties.

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