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Sunday, May 23, 2010

S.H.E in Azio Entertainment (CE parts)

Translations by summersnow @

Coughing part.....

Patty: Based what is publicly known, e.g. Jerry Yan, Wu Zun..... so many people have been rumoured with her.... which one of them do you think is the most likely she would have sparks with

Hebe: I dunno.... have to ask her....

P: Wah!!!! If she replies this way, means that there is one!

E: I dunno...

P (to E): Who did you almost get into a relationship with?

S (jokingly): We don't really know her well in the past

H: We can't really comment...

E: We are sisters! Help me out!

H: Don't have.... none at all.... very focused with the filming of the drama, so none at all....

Someone mentioned "Chun" (I can't tell who).... then Ella started coughing

E: No lah.... just acting (referring to the drama)..... during the filming, we get along well, but once it ends... we are all friends, but do not keep in contact frequently

Hebe was asked about Ella's preference for guys....
She said, in the past, she prefers tall, good looking, good built .. those handsome, sunshine kind....
But now she focuses on the character and compatibility (character wise)

When asked about whom she contacts most with among all her co-stars
Her reply was~ Chun... but added bcuz they were from the same company
but clarified that they do not keep in contact from day to night... cuz they are both bz
Only when she sees him in the news, then she will contact him to show her concern
We get a long quite well.... good friends

Patty then asked: Is it ok to get married to Brunei?
Ella: Brunei's welfare is very good... the kids get free education up to the Uni level
Hebe: But they can't take alcohol
Ella: Very boring.... And if you try to bring in alcohol, u'll get jailed!
Hebe: Why are you so clear?
Ella: No lah! Ah Zun Zun chats with me

Narrative under Chun's pic:............. your guy (referring to the person who chose the option) not only must be handsome, he should also be caring

P (to E): Is Wu Zun really like that? Is the Chun you know like that?

E: He is considered caring.... very good to co-workers (referring to the backstage ones)

P: And he is rather mature n sensible

E: I think he has a rather positive attitude... probably because he has experienced the loss of his mother

As for "C" (all the 3 members of SHE chose C), he's Show.... ~ LMAO @ Selina's reaction.... the guy should be manly, have a sense of humour n decisive.... Patty also teased S about not wanting to take part in this discussion at all

OHMYGOSH. After a long time we finally heard Ella say her "petname" for Chunnie!!! She called him Ah Zun Zun!!! XDDD

Eventhough the subtitle they put in the show was "Zhen Zhen", @ 1:40 in the first clip I posted, if you listen carefully you'll hear Ah Zun Zun, and if you look closely you'll see the way Ella moved her mouth, it's really Ah Zun Zun~~~