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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Five more days before Selina’s wedding + Translation of Ah Dion's Book About Selina

Written by: imeisee on 10/25/2011 @
Source & Photo: Apple Daily

Five more days before the wedding of Selina and her fiancée Ah Diong; the organizers (H.I.M.) attempts to prevent the admission of media in the event, tables will be marked with guest's name. Yesterday, Hebe joked said that she have regret to help Selina in blocking wine, but maybe Ah Diong could help in drinking the wine instead. Hebe said: "How can he cover for the 88 guest tables?" Ah Diong’s book "God Chose You" have been released in the simplified Chinese version, there are fans on the internet who also translated the book into English, and Selina was very moved upon hearing the news.

The wedding of Selina and Ah Diong will be held in the Sheraton Hotel on the 31st, with 88 banquet tables, including Ah-Mei, Jolin Tsai, Wang Lee Hom and other thousand guests. H.I.M. is worried that the number of tables is not enough. As the maid of honor, Hebe said that her work easier, aside from wearing a bridesmaid dress, she is also assigned to block Selina from drinking wine: "Selina is not allowed to drink wine and Ella tends to fall asleep after drinking 3 cups." Hebe expressed that she’s too tired from work and it might affect her ability to drink but she’s not afraid to interact with Ah Diong.

Hebe is also worried that she might cry when she finally see Selina in a wedding dress, she will try to remind herself to control her emotions. There were rummors before that Ah Diong doesn’t like the friends of Selina, reporters asked if Hebe is worried to have interaction with Ah Diong, She said: “Nothing to worry about it! I’m look forward to that day and to have fun, the main focus of this event is Selina."

Ah Diong’s book "God Chose You" have been released in China with simplified Chinese text. Recently, the Taiwanese fan living in the United States translated the book into English. Ah Diong and Selina was very moved that the fan spend energy and time into translating the book.


Translated version of the book: The Lord Chose You

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