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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ella Chen apologises for online outburst

TAIPEI: Taiwan pop trio S.H.E.'s Ella Chen posted Wednesday an apology on her micro blog, for offending her fans with an angry message to them a few days earlier, reported Taiwan media.

One of Chen's fans had recently managed to go onto the set of her new movie and saw the singer looking tired.

The fan later complained to Chen's music label HiM International Music that she was overworked, further claiming that Chen had injured her leg.

Chen was incensed when she heard about the matter, and posted a curt message on her micro blog urging her fans not to do such things.

"If you feel my work is very tough, then I will do nothing at all but stay at home and wait for death!" said Ella in a micro blog post on Tuesday.

"Please don't think just because you love me, you can speak on my behalf."

"I don't need this kind of troubling nosiness! And, my leg is fine!"

Her statement rubbed some of her fans the wrong way and they criticised her for being ungrateful, though a few felt the errant fan should not have gone to the film set in the first place.

Chen posted an apology on her micro-blog the following day in a bid to smooth things over.

"Already 30 and still don't think [before doing], really lack cultivation ... it is your replies that let me learn a lesson," said Chen.

Chen expressed that she was sorry if she made people uncomfortable, adding that she had "low EQ" and had used some strong words.

When asked about the matter, a spokesperson for HiM International Music said, "The artistes are our treasures, the fans need not worry".

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  1. I can understand ella's feelings though. I'm sure she loves her work, and for someone (even a fan) to say something bad to the very people that gave her her work would make ella feel a bit annoyed. I too don't want her to strain herself from work, but if its what she loves, then I wont fuss about it, unless she herself complains. otherwise, jia you ella! =]