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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Selina Ren 'Appears' in the Public

Selina Ren 'Appears' in the Public

Although she cannot physically appear in the public at the moment, but the injured S.H.E member decides to shows up with her voice at least.

S.H.E's Hebe and Ella attended to a winter clothes event yesterday. Selina, currently in the hospital, specially recorded a message to fans:

"Hello everyone! Haven't see you all for more than 2 months, really miss you guys a lot. Although it has been tough these 2 months, but my current improvement is pretty okay...Christmas is coming up. It's a very joyful holiday. Like us before, I talk the most. We would exchange gifts in the past, but can't do it this year. Maybe I can exchange gifts with nurses. Have to thank those who support me. I love you all. Hebe, Ella, I love you guys. And all of my fans, I love you all."

After they listened to the sound recording, Hebe and Ella's eyes got teary. The two put a blessing card for Selina on the Christmas tree at the event, wishing the injured singer to recover soon.

After taking skin from scalp, Selina's hair has been growing out quickly. Although her legs are injured, but the optimistic singer expresses good that she already passed the age of showing off her legs. Last night she got on the wheelchair again and enjoyed a wheelchair ride in her room. "It has a feeling of shopping around!," she says happily.

Source: NowNews / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertianment

credits: phoenixzeng


  1. ..good to know she's doing fine..tnx for the ur blog.!

  2. love S.H.E ..
    get well soon , selina..

    love ELLA


    hope selina gets well..
    miss S.H.E.