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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ella teaches yoga to her juniors, SIGMA

Ella teaches yoga to her juniors, SIGMA
Written by: Zahra on 12/22/2010 @
Source: Nownews

SIGMA's Judy Chou (周定緯), Mrtting Li (李杰宇), and Tommy Lin (林維哲) headed for yoga class. They asked their senior Ella to teach a class for them. They didn't expect to have to twist and turn their hands and feet so much, and ended up crying in pain. Mtting Li's muscles were the most stiff and made everyone burst out in laughter when he begged for mercy.

Ella first helped them roll out their backs. Tommy, who has a background in dancing, got his body to the ground easily. Judy ended up being so sweaty that when Ella got near the mat, she could feel the warmth emitting from it, calling out, "This mat and back is way to hot!" But she did not expect that Mtting was the worst, ending up with his veins popping out before he even reached a high position.

Ella wanted the 3 to do half splits and then touch their fingers to their toes with their elbows bent. In order to achieve a pretty pose, they held the position for three minutes and then collapsed right after. Little did they except that Ella would call out, "You must switch sides!" Mrtting's eyes widened and said, "What? There's still more?" In the end, Ella referenced what Ren Ba frequently tells Selina, "Don't compare, don't argue, and be thankful," making the 3 SIGMA members determined to do their best for the group.

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