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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Premiere of [The Long Goodbye] Left Deserts Zhang Xuan in Tears and Smiles

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The Premiere of [The Long Goodbye] Left Deserts Zhang Xuan in Tears and Smiles

Produced by the Catholic Foundation for Alzheimer & Dementia Elderly (literal translation – as original website is currently inaccessible), and directed by Yang Li-Zhou, the documentary – [The Long Goodbye] was premiered on 18 Nov 2010. The Foundation’s Honorary Chairperson, former Vice-President Lian Zhan, Producer Xu Li Gong, Sun Yue, Chen Shu Li, singer-composer Deserts Zhang, Tanya Chua etc, all showed their support by gracing the occasion. The audiences were all moved to tears and laughter by the documentary, which featured the interactions and daily lives of the elderly dementia patients and their family members. Deserts Zhang was seen still in tears when she left the theatre.

Meanwhile veteran Xu Li Gong, who will receive the “Lifetime Achievement Award” during this year’s Golden Horse Awards Ceremony, said after watching the documentary, “The box office of this documentary is sure to break thousands of millions. To me, it should not be a problem to exceed NT$30,000,000!” The comment has gotten Director Yang to be shocked and he immediately joked, “I will swim in buff so long as the box office sales exceeds NT$2,000,000, not to mention exceeding thousands of millions…!”

Earlier on, Director Yang Li-Zhou won the Golden Horse Best Documentary Award with his documentary – [Summer Miracles] (literal translation). This time, the production of his latest documentary – [The Long Goodbye] took 2 years to complete filming and half a year for post-filming editing. Despite her busy work schedule earlier in the year, S.H.E’s member – Ella, has specially dedicated a day and volunteered to bring the director and filming crew of [The Long Goodbye] back to her hometown in Pingtung county, to document the story of her grandmother who was suffering from dementia. This special feature of [The Story of Chen Jia Hua (Ella) and Her Grandmother] is shown as a finale for the documentary. The story has a great impact on the audiences as it was featured just when most of them thought that the documentary was over and were ready to wipe their tears and leave the theatre; upon seeing the closeness, interactions and true affections between Ella and her grandmother, audiences were once again overwhelmed and deeply moved!

The documentary will be screened in various locations in Taiwan from 26 Nov 2010. All proceedings from the box office will be donated for the continued support, care and work for dementia elderly.

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