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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fahrenheit on Kuai Le Da Ben Ying (CE related)

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快乐大本营20101113期 偶像难当 A段

快乐大本营20101113期 偶像难当 B段

快乐大本营20101113期 偶像难当 C段

快乐大本营20101113期 偶像难当 D段

快乐大本营20101113期 偶像难当 E段

credits: uploader

taken from: Baidu CE

Translation by babyval22 @

Haha~ Okay! I've managed to watch it alr. Keke. The part where there's stuffs to yy abt is pretty cool! Hahah~ Cos Xie Na really reminds me of Ella! hahahah! :p As in the type of girl that she is. Cool and suave, if you know what i mean. Keke. Anyways.. here's some translation!

I managed to view the clip using youku.. therefore, the part related to CE would be clip D! :)

Some background info: this part, they actually invited 5 girls to stand behind the curtains.. the host asked Fahrenheit to choose which type of girls they would like. The names that are attached to the girls, it's referring to the type of girl.. for example, in Chun's case, "xiao Xie Ge" literally means "small xie(name) brother" which gives pple the the feel that the person behind the screen would be someone androgynous and cool, sth along this line.. yup yup!

I find it really funny how Jiro is always beaten by Chun when it comes to snatching a choice. Haha~ remember there was a clip way back, a msia interview, and they asked Fahrenheit to choose among SHE who they would choose to be their girlfriend or sth along the line? haha~ and then Chun quickly mentioned Ella and poor Jiro was left with S's choice? haha~ In this clip, it happened again.. hahahahahah! Only this time, LOL, it was a name, but the type of girl, which, indirectly, it's linked to Ella, again. hahah!

Anyways, without further ado, i shall do the translation!

At about 6 min 18 sec

Host: Little Xie brother.

I mentioned this part cos you notice Arron's reaction? Haha~ the moment "xiao xie ge" was read out, Arron patted Chun! Hahah! That smile and action, tsk tsk tsk!

At about 8 min 26 sec

person behind the curtain: if you love me, i'll get together with you. Otherwise, i'll leave.

Note Chun's smile. Seriously. I have no idea if his smile is because he has someone else in mind or is it because he's alr guessed who's behind the curtain. Haha~

Host: this type of person is those who take it or leave it type~

At 10 min 40 sec

Host: Therefore, the next person we have is "xiao xie ge", this sort of neither male nor female, no, no, that is, they possess an an androgynous beauty, the sort that dare to love or let go, the sort who takes it or leave it, that is, if you love me, that is, if you don't love me, then please leave, these sort of women. If you love me, you stay, otherwise, leave. We're left with Jiro and Chun alr lor. Who wants to choose her? Who wants to choose our "xiao xie ge?"

Chun: "xiao xie ge", me, i'll, i'll choose her. (notice that slight stutter?)
Jiro: I.. (the caption that appeared on the screen says Jiro has once again, been beaten by his brother) (look at that broad smile Chun has man! >.<) Host: Oh, Wu Zun actually likes these type of girls.. Host: No, i think it's because from hearing the voice, he has roughly guessed who is "xiao xie ge." Host: You think that by choosing her, there wouldn't be any danger is it? Chun: Because i feel that, i feel that...(notice that stutter again?!?!) Calvin: If you love her, then you'll love her right? Just be more direct right? Chun: Correct, correct, correct. translated by babyval22 of CEFC Remember there was another programme Chun said something related to Ella again, and then he stuttered and then Calvin helped him out again? Hahah! :p Okay! Done! (: edit: ar about 14 min 20 sec, xie na comes out. Haha~ 

Taken from babyval22 @ 

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