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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fahrenheit on Azio Entertainment (CE related)

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taken from: Baidu CE

Translation by babyval22 @

This part, i think they asked fans what questions they wanna ask Fahrenheit, and one of the questions was whether Chun really liked girls with big breasts. HAHAHAHAHHA! So embarrassing man!

At 29 min 55 sec

Patty: Wu Zun, do you really like girls with big breasts?
Chun: I really don't understand why she would ask this. I have never..
Jiro: Maybe because she thinks that when she see that you have a big chest..
Arron: Is it because of Ella?
Chun: No ar~ I have never mentioned this before, and then i also have no idea why she would ask this question. Maybe because..
Arron: Maybe it's because of she herself..
Chun: has big breasts.

translated by babyval22 of CEFC

Hahah~ even this question, Arron can link it with Ella. OMG. Seriously! What is it this period? Hahah! And after that Chun mentioned something like he said a lot of times on the type of girls he like, and then he mentioned maybe because this person don't really understand him.. haha~ and then if you notice, Arron tapped him on his shoulders. Haha~ I have no idea why but when i saw that gesture, it seemed as though Arron is laughing at Chun and the entire scenario with him and Ella and that fan who asked that question. Hahahah!

edit: also at abt 22 min 30 sec..

Patty: therefore, you really don't have the time to date?
Chun: Oh, where on earth do we have the time! We really don't have the time.
Patty: Really don't have the time?
Chun: No time..
Patty: Huh

Between Chun and Patty convo, take note of how the other 3, especially Arron was reacting. Hahah~ Don't ask me why, but Arron's reaction seemed so weird. :/

Taken from babyval22 @