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Friday, July 23, 2010

Ella's GrandPa Passed Away

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【聯合報╱記者袁世珮/即時報導】 2010.07.23 07:01 pm



Ella's grand father passed away on the Thursday morning 10++ A.M. As it is sepsis due to acute leukaemia, Ella's grand dad passed away at Ping Tung Hospital at the old age of 84 years old. As the news was passed out, Ella, who was filming for an advertisement at Guangzhou was very devastated and had a great cry. She can only hold her tears back during her work and sadly grief to continuing herwork.

As previously, their record company were on a trip to Bali, enjoying the sea breeze, blue skies, Ella was the only one who wasn't around. Actually, it was because during that time, she had to be at National Taiwan Hospital to take care of her grand dad. She was there almost everyday, and even bath her grand father. She told her grand dad, "When I was young, you are the one who also bathed me..." As tomorrow, her schedule requires her to be at HongKong for 3 consecutive days for her DWL promo. Fortunately, as agreed by the working production crews, she will only attend one of the meeting and rush bck to PingTung.

From Ella's Weibo:


Ella and Grandpa ChenYes, that's right. My grand father has passed away, very peacefully and quietly without any pains. Since I was young, my grand father never once hit us(grandchildren), and seldom scold us as well. He treats his grandchildren very well. When I just got into my junior college, my grandfather would pick me up from school. This is one of the most memorable times I have had with my grandfather. My grand dad is very blessed, hence, God did not let him suffer any pains for a long time. Thanks to everyone for your concern. I'm good, because I believe, my grand dad will bless us from Heaven!.


RIP GrandPa Chen. Be strong Ella! We will always be here for you. It's really sad that one of Ella's wishes didn't come true. =((

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