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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

[14.7.10]Ella's mysterious "boyfriend"?

Translation by Betty @
Magazine scans by ellaholic @ Baidu Ella

PhotobucketElla (left) in S.H.E has the most roughest love road. In the picture which exposed Selina's boyfriend Zhang Yan Zhong, proposed to Selina during the concert, making Ella to shout in envy, also shouting that to have a boyfriend like him, in fact, she has already a secret relationship. "One Weekly" reported that in reality, Ella has a mysterious boyfriend nearby, Tommy, Zhao Shi Yi, is the formal Taiwan Stock Exchange GM Zhao Xiao Feng. As he doesn't wish to reveal this relationship, they both dated secretly for a year. "One Weekly" continue to observe for months, as long as Ella is in Taiwan, she will meet her boyfriend's house at midnight for a date. But Zhao Shi Yi took advantage of the moment when Ella went overseas, and brought a hot girl to Taiwan Love Motel to open a room, causing Ella have not yet to publicize the relationship before she was cheated.

PhotobucketOn July 10 when Ella was in Jiang Su having her concert, Zhao Shi Yi and his friend have dinner together till past 1 in the morning and then left. Later Zhao Shi Yi did not feel anxious going back home and he went to a pub and pick up a long hair hot girl to his car, driving all the way to Taiwan Love Motel, staying there for two and a half hour and then leave. In S.H.E, though Ella may look to be open and bright, but her love road does not go smoothly. Thing which makes her hurt the most, is the relationship with Josh Chen. Ella changed into her lady style because of knowing him liking girls with huge breasts. After their relationship was exposed, as they suspected each other broke the hype (I think it's somehow this meaning), and they broke up. Ella also found out during when they are dating, Josh even hook up with his assistant, also even with his old lover who has F size cup breast, and then only did she know that she is foolish and naive.

PhotobucketAs for the relationship with Zhao Shi Yi that had been exposed, Ella said, "He's just a friend that easy to talk with, last year after the [Music of Life] activity, we got to talk more, and we have more contacts." But for Zhao Shi Yi, he just admitted this relationship, "We have been dating for quite awhile, she is really a good girl, we are very serious in this relationship." As for being found out of cheating, he denied and said on that day he lend his car to his friend, it's not him.

Same news but different source/translation:

Ella Chen's New Boyfriend is Exposed, Denies Bringing Girl to Motel

Source: UDN / Translated by: KAY @

Next magazine exposed in S.H.E, not only Selina Ren is currently dating someone, Ella Chen is photographed meeting boyfriend at night secretly. Whenever she is back to Taiwan, they will hold their chance of meeting each other. The report said Ella's mysterious boyfriend is Tommy Chao (趙士懿) and he is a rich mister in the finance industry. But as this relationship is exposed, the media recently photographed him driving a hot girl to motel with his Porsche.

As for the report above, Tommy Chao generously admitted to the magazine that he is indeed seriously dating Ella now. But he denied bringing girls to motel. He explained because he let his friend borrow his car, expressing the media just photographed his friend. As for Ella, she calmly expressed she and Tommy are just good friends.

Although Ella has an outgoing personality, but her love life has been rough. She was rumored with many people, including Wu Zun, Jerry Huang Zhi Wei Barron Chen Chu He. Good sister Selina already found her love, of course she would also hope Ella can find her Mr. Right.

The magazine reported Tommy's father is the former general manager of Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation. He was introduced to Ella through Selina's boyfriend Richard Chang (張承中). It's known the two has been secretly dating for more than a year.


I'm actually not in the mood to post anything since I'm quite upset about this news. I feel sad for Baobei also. I so hate Apple Daily!!!

I saw some photos of her arriving in Beijing (for DWL promotions) and she looks really tired and sad. Gahh, I hate Apple Daily and other people who always hurt Ella!

And this guy, why did he admit that he and Ella are really in a "serious relationship" but Ella just said that they are only friends?! On my opinion, he doesn't seem to be the type of guy Ella likes.

Apple claimed that they have been observing Ella and this guy for months but how come they don't even have a picture of them together? All the pictures they have on their magazine, they're not even together.

Oh, and just so you guys known, Ren Ma and Ren Pa (Selina's parents) posted this on their wiebo:

是這雙腳腳的主人,體貼又善解人意,可愛的小霸王,今天緋聞女主角。心疼她得面對這討厭的新聞,還是認真工作拍到三更半夜,一早又飛北京。就很捨不得她,陳艾拉 妳一定要堅強 追求妳的真愛。愛妳!

Translation by Betty @
"Today's rumor actress. It really hurts that she had to face such an irritating news and had to be serious in her work to shoot till in the middle of the night, and morning had to fly back to Bei Jing. Really very reluctant to her. Chen Jia Hua, you have to be strong and pursuit for your true love. Love you!"

They told her to pursue her true love meaning this one is fake. I'm not believing this until I hear Ella's response/ clarification.


  1. i sure hope its not true..that guys sounds like a total douche bag. don't know why he would admit to dating her if it weren't true...maybe publicity stunt for himself >_< ella deserves better!

    thanks for sharing!

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