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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chun's response to Ella's rumuors

Wu Zun Tells Ella to be Careful of Her Boyfriend

Translated by: KAY @

Wu Zun became the spokesperson for a female facial cleaning product lately. Yesterday he came to Hong Kong to attend to a promotion event in Tsim Sha Tsui. He played games with hundreds of fans and performed magic.

Wu Zun expressed as a male, he didn't get to know facial care in depth in the past and never put on facial mask with girlfriend together. However, he praised he is pretty good at cooking. He is best at making pasta and western dessert. His girlfriends also praised him after trying the food he made.

S.H.E's Ella is said dating a rich guy. As her good friend, Wu Zun said because he has been busy filming in Shanghai and Okinawa, he hasn't returned to Taiwan for two months. He never heard Ella talking about it before. But next time when they meet, he would definitely ask her about it. He said: "If it's true, I would congratulate her. She also hope to find a right person. It's a good thing to have boyfriend/girlfriend."

Wu Zun joked he saw picture of Ella's boyfriend and felt they look good together. He also know Ella stresses on inner beauty and believes the boyfriend she picked must be the best. But talked about Ella's boyfriend is said hugging hot girls, whether he would tell Ella to break up with her boyfriend? Wu Zun said: "Never heard of that. If the guy is not good, she should be careful."

Translation by Betty @

"Actually this... this news I really had no idea. It's because a staff from Taiwan came and they had bought some taiwan magazines. And then I saw it, and then got to know this news. And... of course I also don't know... if it's real or not (look at how Chunnie say 'shi zhen shi jia', to me, it looks suspicious with his expression) yeah because this thing... unless wait until I meet Ella in person, I'll just ask her directly." (Oh my god, nobody ask him to ask her in person but he just say he'll ask her directly! This means he really cares for her!)

He was asked if he'll cheer for her in weibo and he replied, "I'll cheer for her in person. Yeah, wait until I go back to Taiwan, I'll ask personally... and... and... and... (when he said jiu shi, repeated twice as if he hesitated) will ask her bah! Yeah! She should be... a strong willed person."

And history repeats... This is so like the DJ era... I hope it will fade away soon...

Chun said he'll congratulate Ella if the news is true. That's like the same answer he gave during DJ era.

He said he saw the magazine but didn;t know that the guy is cheating. Really Chun? As far as I know the relationship issue came with the cheating issue. If you've read the magazine you'll know about the cheating part also. Does this mean you didn't really see the magazine but someone told you about it?

Chun, Ella is already in Taiwan. Go back in Taiwan now so that you can "ask her personally." Make sure to cheer her up also!

Although I kind of think you already cheered her up when she was in Macau and you were in HK a few days ago. Hehehe. :P

One more thing, Chun wore the B&R watch during the Ponds Event! =DDD

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