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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Selina Jen takes on aerobic dance for advertisement shoot

For the first time since her burn accident, Taiwanese singer Selina Jen had to take on the challenge of doing aerobic dance for a mobile phone's advertisement shoot recently. Although the S.H.E member was extremely nervous, she is looking forward to the audience's response to her 'lively image'.

On top of that, Selina, who mentioned in an earlier interview that she has stopped wearing pressure garments, also bared her arms in a bright-coloured singlet.

As the aerobic dance involved several hand movements, Selina jokingly said that the exercise is 'like a form of physiotherapy' which improves her flexibility, so that she can hold the microphone better during her performances.

Selina also admitted that she did not have much time to practise the dance as she is currently busy with S.H.E's ongoing world tour. 'Luckily I watch Jung Da Yeon's videos regularly,' said Selina, who managed to finish the shoot successfully by 'imagining herself' as the South Korean fitness guru.

'The company is very understanding. Most of the close-ups are on my fingers,' she laughed.


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