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Thursday, November 15, 2012

S.H.E Asia Press Conference; 150 media gathered for the Asian Heavenly Group

S.H.E Asia Press Conference 150 media gathered for the Asian Heavenly Group
Ella the Strict Teacher makes sure that Hebe rest well and Selina does her exercise in the gym
Golden Horse New Director Zhang Rong Ji helped out. MV first release; everyone cried.
Selina sang while bathing was captured by Hebe and Ella

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Asia’s Heavenly Girl Group S.H.E will release their 13th album, on the 16th of November. H.I.M spent NT 230,000 on the Asia Press Conference; media from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China etc. were invited to Taiwan for this. At the same time, YouTube and QQMusic were showing the press conference live, allowing fans from all over the world to tune in together. There were more than 150 Media Guests, which was jokingly said more than Selina and Ella’s during their wedding. S.H.E also sang the second song from their album, , but was found out by the host, Huang Zi Jiao, that a lyrics reminder was there too. Allowing the 3 of them to laugh and said that as it was their first time having an Asia Press Conference, also a very big event, so they are having this press conference at a concert stand. 

After 2 years and 8 months, S.H.E is finally releasing another album. They embrace every working day gladly. For this press conference, Ella jokingly reminded Selina that tomorrow is an Album Press Conference, not a Pastry Press Conference. This line made Selina laughed, she also mentioned that if she were to work out, her face would be slightly sharper, that’s why she went to the gym yesterday. S.H.E has always called each other, “Wifey”, and they started joking about Press Conference becoming a “Wife Pastry” Press Conference instead. Selina and Hebe also mentioned that they were so nervous last night that they could only sleep at 4am, even though they have been in this industry for so long.

During the press conference, not only did they sing their second song, the MV of the song was also shown for the first time. This Music Video invited a director who have recently been the talk of the town and nominated for the best rookie director in the Golden Horse Award, Zhang Rong Ji. In this Music Video, the way of filming is self-filming, where you can see the 3 of them helping each other along the way, sitting in the bus while watching their lives from the past till now. Ella mentioned that they all love this song as the melody has a little tempo and when it’s nearing the end, it gets livelier.

is the first song the girls did the recording for. Hebe heard the harmony of her two sisters through the headphones; it allowed her to feel comfortable and a sense of security. Selina disclosed that this album, , conveys a positive message to everyone and to spread the love. Hebe added that this album is filled with life stories, telling everyone that even if your life is at its worst, it is still able to blossom again. Selina and Hebe also revealed that this album has 2 fast songs, 1 love song and the rest are songs about life. After that line, Ella did an imitation of a pigeon. (T/N: the word “song” in Chinese has to same pronunciation with the word “Pigeon” in Chinese) but was chided by Selina and Hebe that it sounded more like a chicken. 

During the press conference, CEO of H.I.M, He Yan Ling, was on stage with the girls, and she gave them an ice carving of S.H.E, meaning that these 3 girls are like flowers, the colder it is, the prettier they would blossom, and that their albums would sell very well. For the release of the album, they had the dorm life again. Ella became the commander in the house, giving out house rules. Selina also told about the time when Hebe and Ella quietly recorded the situation of her singing while bathing. She explained, “As I do not close the door while bathing, only have the shower curtains. I started singing Dong Li Huo Che’s “Jacket”, as I was washing my hair, I just hummed the tune. But it was still too loud, so I was recorded by the both of them”. S.H.E is able to become Asia’s Heavenly Girl group because they sing with their heart on every stage, what’s behind the camera is what people don’t usually see, practising hard every moment; they are really just 3 little girls who are able to talk about everything with each other whatever that has happened for the last ten years.

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