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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just a short message~

I`ve been gone for about a week and haven`t updated this because my computer was broken. Haha. It`s okay now. LOL

But, I`ll stop updating this for a while. I`m quite busy and feeling lazy. Wahahaha! But I`m pretty sure I`ll start updating this again on August 22!! Because s.h.E and Fahrenheit will be in Bejing for a concert~~~ =D Hahaha.

Anyway, here`s my reply to RacHie`s question! (sorry for the late reply. LOL)

`How can I leave a message on Fahrenciti in Chun`s blog?
Well, if you`re not a member of Fahrenciti, you can`t leave a message on his blog. Only members can(and you need to pay if you want to be a member).

But, fortunately, there is a general forum where non-members can leave their message! :) So, if you want to leave a message for Chun, just follow these~

*Go to this link -

*Click the first orange bar on top

Click This

*Fill in the correct info
Click This

`How do I know if he`s online?
You can go to this link(this is Chun`s blog):
You`ll be in this page


If the 59°F in the upper left corner is lighted(it`s in color orange), it means that Chun is online :)

`How do I read the message that he sent?
Sometimes, Chun leaves short messages in this link:

And, once a month he blogs. His blog`s link:

If you want to see the pics he uploads, here`s his album:

I hope I answered all your questions! :DDD

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