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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ella happy to lose 3kg within half a year

Translation by nikitaangel @

In the below newsarticle, its said that Ella's wedding ceremony will be held at Pingtung on 4/15, and wedding banquet at 5/5 in Taipei and 5/19 in Malaysia. Accompanied by her husband and her family, Ella went to Sophia wedding boutique to try out gowns and will need to change at least 10 gowns for the 3 events. She has been invited to be the spokesperson for a woman fitness training course. Besides earning a 10 million fee, she also has an exclusive fitness coach to guide her in fitness. Within half a year, she lost 3kg. Ella excited said she wants to be the most beautiful and amazing bride. She, who from young, dont have a waist or butt, now possess a perky and tight butt and wants to show off her curves during her wedding.

陈嘉桦(Ella)油切3kg赚千万 开心当翘臀新娘

2012-02-29 中*时报 (黄雯犀)

陈嘉桦(Ella)4月15日屏东文定,5月5日、5月19日分别在台北、马来西亚举行喜宴。她为3场喜宴,在老公和家人陪同下,前往苏菲雅婚纱 试装,至少要换穿10套礼服。她受邀任女子健身训练课程大中华区代言人,不但赚得1000万,还有专属教练指导她健身,半年瘦3公斤,她兴奋说:「我一定 要当最美最Amazing的新娘子!」她从小没腰、没屁股,现在屁股翘又紧实,要在婚礼上秀翘臀曲线。

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